Long before he was worth a billion dollars and primarily known as a very good interviewer, Howard Stern was an exceedingly funny (and often misunderstood) local New York radio host. He was local in NY until the late 80s when he began picking up syndicated markets--Phildellphia, Cleveland, finally Los Angeles. Every city always reacted with outrage at his arrival and dire predictions of what would happen to the youthful listeners etc. etc. Ultimately, most people eventually figured out that the real humor in his show wasn't about the lesbian strippers. It was the story of the show--the show which was about nothing but the people in the studio doing a show. A bit like Jack Benny in that way, I always thought. The cast of characters simply were there, talking. There was no there there. Do you see what I mean? Or do I need to have another cup of coffee? Above I've posted Sterns last day on WNBC, who had unceremoniously fired him despite his having the highest ratings on the station.

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  1. I worked on Howard's "Private Parts" oops I mean
    his film "Private Part's" It did end up on the cutting room floor but as they say That's show business

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