Jean Shepherd was a master monologist who had an all night (midnight to five-thirty AM) talk show on WOR in New York. I would try to fill you in on his extensive and fascinating life, but I'm incredibly late with a piece of writing I'm actually being paid for so click here instead. The clip posted above concerns a famous hoax of Shepherds--he and his listeners made up a fictitious book called "I, Libertine"which he then instructed his listeners to go into local bookstores and ask for. Of course the book became a hit, without even existing, proving Shepherd's very forward-seeing point that anything can be marketed into existence, including thin air. The non-existent book was well reviewed in a number of publications and even appeared on a couple of best-seller lists. Seriously. Dig Shepherd's charming late-night talkathon manner--listening to him is really like talking with a very amusing guy at a bar over the third cocktail.

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