Album Art: Brubeck Quarter, Jazz Impressions of New YorkLet's take a refreshing pause from our acrid talk-TV-radio-screamathon and look at the opening teaser, credit sequence and first few scenes of an episode from the short-lived 1964 TV drama, "Mr. Broadway". Created, written and directed by Garson Kanin (chiefly remembered now as the author of "Born Yesterday" and for being Ruth Gordon's husband), the show is notable for having been scored by the then red-hot Dave Brubeck, whose fabulous theme music you will hear after the opening two minute tease. Dig Tuesday Weld appearing in the "El Morocco" scene, young, saucy and clearly already nuts. The Brubeck score for the show can be found on a terrific album called "Jazz Impressions Of New York", the wicked-cool cover of which is clearly visible about three lines above what your currently reading. This is what the hep world looked like in 1964...which happens to be the year I was born...

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  1. Raymond you bring back memories here. Born Yesterday Played the part of Harry Brock at a Dinner
    theater 25 or so years back .Plus have a small tool set from saving raleigh coupons and who did not love
    Tuesday Weld yummy yummy Wow I thought that I was younger than this.. haha That was a great clip to watch. That is when clothes fit.