Bob Grant 
Two more Bob Grant items today--a complete show from about six months after the 9/11 attacks, plus a tribute compilation. Grant died last year and a slew of the top "talkers"--Limbaugh, Stern, Sean Hannity, Opie and Anthony, Michael Savage--all took time on their shows to pay their respects to the one who started all of them on the road to ranting, raving, screaming, abusing, demeaning, destroying, accusing etc. etc.

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  1. I had the pleasure to have a conversation with Bob
    years back. A very cool fellow One of the many treats that i have had in this business. If I remember correctly it was concerning the merging of the SAG
    union which I was not in favor of did not see the benefit of merging and Bob did if i remember correctly, agree with me. Could have been some other
    person but i do think it was Bob.

  2. What was the occasion? Would love to know more about this Russell.

  3. Hi Ray it was years back what year I do not remember because they did try to merge a few times . I am 90%
    sure that is was Bob's show I spoke with talking to him. I do remember him agreeing with me on my opinion what good was it to merge. I do not remember much but it must of been a fun day as I never really call shows. But I was so pissed at the time I called him. It was a real treat probably, as it was to work with you Raymond. I have had so much fun in this business that i could be arrested for having fun, haha