Here's Don Siegel, ("Dirty Harry," "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", "Escape From Alcatraz" to name his three best known films though I admit I considered going the snarkier route and naming "Spanish Affair", "Count The Hours" and "China Venture" instead) discussing how much he dislikes directing. If you'd shown me this twenty years ago when I'd only directed a short or two, I'd have thought he was kidding or drunk. But it really is as dispiriting a job as he says and I like the laconic, wry ease with which he patiently explains the reasons for his antipathy to his profession. This was shot in 1974 while he was in London, shooting a movie I've barely heard of called "The Black Windmill". I'd love to see the rest of this interview but the below minute is all that seems to exist on Youtube. I tried looking up Siegel's house address but could find nothing other than this cool reminiscence by someone who, as a kid, attended the Siegel's Oscar night parties in the 60's. It turns out they lived in Sherman Oaks. I'm not surprised. Siegel's career had a definite slightly low self-esteemy Valley-show-biz vibe to it. And finally I've also posted the trailer from Siegel's 1954 masterwork "Riot In Cell Block 11".

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