As discussions of sex always eventually grow tiresome, so does the use of scatology to induce laughs. Therefore the two must be alternated between, each giving the other a necessary break. So... take a break from sex and dig comedians saying naughty things.

Here's the complete three minute version (as opposed to the usually chopped up one minute version) of Martin and Lewis' infamous unedited radio promotional spot for their 1953 film "The Caddy." If further proof is needed that Dino was actually the funny one, roll down to one minute and thirty seconds. Dean's hilarious improv--and the timing of his delivery--is the only non-scatalogical laugh...and it's the biggest laugh in the whole thing. Who is the audience we hear laughing? Just the techies? Sounds like too many people. Were they actually subjecting a studio audience at a radio/TV show to this filth? Let's hope so.

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