As the very important second weekend of "Rob The Mob's" theatrical life approaches, dig two pieces that I'm very happy to share with you.

Here's a Los Angeles Times feature on the movie, with a refreshing emphasis on the story of how screenwriter Jonathan Fernandez discovered the story and developed it. By the way, the movie opens in LA tomorrow, Friday the 28th, at the Monica Four-Plex in Santa Monica.

And here's an essay on the film by the highly controversial film scholar/critic Armond White. I've admired White's criticism over the years, not because we always like the same films (we don't) but because of his erudition, the seriousness with which he views every film and the fact that he really is one of the last of the critics who believes true film criticism matters--that it's not just about "reviewing" what's out there this week. In that sense he comes from the Pauline Kael/James Agee/Andrew Sarris world that is now, sadly, an almost dead civilization. When I heard he'd written about our movie my first reaction was fear. Not because he's a "hatchet" critic but because he's so frigging smart--White not liking the film might well convince me that I'd screwed it up. Anyway, his reading of the film is very provocative and hits on things that nobody else--thus far--has taken the time to write about or even think about. There are "critics" and there are "reviewers". White is very much the former.

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