I've found several videos posted on Youtube that are the work of a gentleman who goes by the (presumably) made-up name of Bobby Flash (aka Robert Flashinkovitz?). Shot while we were shooting the film last summer, they're basically tours of our set at different locations around Queens with a little music thrown over the background. As they appear to be the only EPK (electronic press kit) material shot for "Rob The Mob", Mr. Flash should really be charging for this quite valuable material instead of posting it for free. However as we all now know, information wants to be free. And thus here I am, blogging for free and including the work of a videographer who shot stuff for free. And you're reading it for free. So there!

What I find rather charming about this particular segment is that it's essentially a study of actors having their picture taken by fans. First Michael Pitt poses for a still while Mr. Flash records the event (making the video a live recording of a still being recorded). Then Burt Young gets the treatment--lots of people wanted their picture taken with "Paulie" and Burt was extremely obliging. So the bulk of this four minute meta-movie is Mr. Flash creating a filmed record of various people creating filmed records of a day on a movie set...where we were, essentially, filming a record of the script of "Rob The Mob." This means that, while the film we call "Rob The Mob" exists as a filmed record of the events which were recorded in the script of the film "Rob The Mob", the filmed record of the film being filmed exists in the work of Mr. Flash, who is the recorder of the film being recorded as well as the recorder of another set of recordings of the film being recorded, which are the stills of the actors. Since the actors are posing for the stills and Mr. Flash is shooting video whilst they're posing for stills, an extra layer of recording has been added to this as well. Meanwhile, the director of the actual film (me) is nowhere in sight. No, I'm not high. Haven't smoked that shit in years. This is just how my brain is seeing things on this meta day, this meta minute, in this meta world.

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