The poster for "Rob The Mob" has officially premiered on IMDB today and is just a click away from your viewing pleasure. Hip shit, right?

Continuing the NYC on film vibe of the past couple of weeks, I caught the beginning of "A Thousand Clowns" on TCM a few days ago and was immediately immersed in 1960's New York vis a vis the credit sequence. The film, starring Jason Robards, was based on Herb Gardner's play and has a very of- the-moment new-wavey pop sensibility--though Ralph Rosenblum, the film's editor, hastens to point out that this wasn't the work of credited director Fred Coe (who was really more a of Broadway producer director than filmmaker).

In his book "When The Shooting Stops the Cutting Begins", Rosenblum devotes two full chapters to the one full year spent in a westside cutting room with Herb Gardner, who was appalled at the stagy nature of the film that had been shot of his play. Borrowing equipment--and presumably sweet-talking Robards into spending some more time with them off the books--Gardner and Rosenblum reconceived sequences and shot them, verite and sans sync-sound, on the streets, probably permitless. The result is a lot of wonderfully loose and authentic views of the city circa 1964. Dig the credit sequence.

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