Last night Conan O'Brien welcomed Ray Romano as a guest. Click here to access the full episode. Ray shows up around fifteen minutes in. A lot of very good Romanoesque marriage material begins the appearence. At twenty-one minutes, Ray does a "threesome" bit that is one of his funniest moments and that I'll leave for you to experience. After a commercial break, however, he tops this with the story of taking his kids to see the movie "Ted". Things get steadily more funny/sad/grotesque with a riff on his getting hit in the groin by his son while playing basketball. Ray's timing is an interesting mix of relaxed/casual and very acutely "scheduled" punchlines. His art is convincing you that the thoughts are coming as he's speaking. And yet at the same time you feel the pleasure he has in threading the needle of the joke...taking his time laying the groundwork and casually circling the ultimate punchline (and the ensuing alternates that he tends to add on) that seem to never fail to land with him.

And then at 27:53, O'Brien sums up Ray's new work and very nicely compliments "Rob The Mob"--which he says he saw and liked. Ray concurs that its a very good movie. I thank them both for this very public endorsement and urge you to watch Ray's entire, beautifully delivered performance--both on Conan and in our movie.

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