Was Dean Martin in fact the "funny half" of Martin and Lewis? Continuing our funny-shtick-on-talk-shows theme (this is the third post I've done in the so-called series, the first two being last week with Ray Romano/Conan O'Brien and Don Rickles/Johnny Carson/Sinatra ), here is a drunk Dean Martin crashing the Carson show in 1969. Apparently the show is being done out of LA even though the move from NY hasn't yet happened (Johnny mentions that they "come out here a couple of times a year"). Bob Hope is hanging around too, bemused and none-to-pleased at Dino's upstaging him.  He finally concedes that he was on the show "to do the warm-up." It's the biggest laugh he gets.

Was Dino as drunk as he acted? His timing was pretty perfect, not something that drunks are known for (see Jacquline Bisset's Golden Globes acceptance speech for further research). But then again he's so hopelessly stiff when stuck in a sober mode with Jerry (and pretending to be amused by his not-as- funny-as-he-thinks-he-is partner) that maybe he had a well-calibrated dosage that produced the comedic magic. Triple Scotch and Soda? Quadruple Beefeater/tonic? Crate of Smirnoff? Whatever it was he got it right on this swinging, long forgotten evening.

The now pretty much forgotten but very funny George Gobel was supposed to be the guest before Dino crashed the party. He finally comes out and delivers a knockout opening line: "Did you ever get the feeling that the world's a tuxedo and you're a pair of brown shoes?" Whatever Gobel thought he was coming on the show to discuss or plug is clearly out the window. Thanks to Dino, the subject of the show is alcohol and nothing can get change that tune. Goble is game and announces that he's been known to drink on occasion..."like when the sun goes down."

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  1. I did post a comment on this but it did not show up.
    So here go's again if you folks reading this Dino VS article if you want to have a laugh watch this it is great. Hollywood folks as I know them.

  2. Peter Falk was part of this crowd too--have to look for him on Carson. He told me that he had to have a few drinks before going on as it made him nervous to appear as "himself"...

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