As we are entering black history month, I thought it appropriate to hawk, peddle and push my latest documentary "Booker's Place--A Mississippi Story." It's the film I'm proudest of having made and I won't summarize its contents here. But check out its Wikipedia entry for more details, click on its Rotten Tomatoes entry for testiments to its quality and watch the trailer posted below to get a sense of what we did two years ago in Mississsippi. To watch the movie, look to the right on this blog, locate the poster and click on it. That will take you to Amazon where you can purchase/stream the film.

A very exciting adventure in filmmaking and history experienced first-hand. It wasn't pretty but it was deeply profound. And partly because the film is a continuation of a film made by my father, Frank De Felitta, in 1966 for NBC news called "Mississippi: A Self-Portrait. That film can be found at my youtube channel--to the right on this blog but lower than the "Booker's Place" poster. Enjoy!

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