Allow me to introduce you to my favorite new blog, Mister Meatball.  (It's new to me--he's been writing it for a few years already). A foody from Brooklyn who now lives somewhere (Portland?) in Maine, Mr. Meatball is an Italian-American and is primarily concerned with Italian-American cooking.

Here's his recipe for making a perfect meatball--I tried this and found them to be fluffy and quite delightful--but please browse the entire blog as there are many wonderful entrees. His Sunday Gravy is especially inventive and delicious.

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  1. Okay Raymond because of you I am making meatballs
    26 of them yummy a Friend of mine had a restaurant and his aunt who is Italian asked him how a many a
    sides a to a meat a ball a . and she is correct there is not one true round meatball on this planet.
    While making mine of course the phone rang and of course the meat balls come first. Now I will get back to my balls which are cooking. Have a fine day.
    look forward to seeing the movie Ciao