Did you know that in addition to movies getting reviewed, their trailers now get reviewed? I guess I sort of knew this but didn't want to focus on the fact. Why? Because there's no clearer indication that movies are now inescapably heading in the direction of the three minute and under bite-size view. I mean, how can you review a trailer? It's contents are deliberately misleading, aimed for an entirely different effect than a proper film and dedicated solely to claiming a stake in your already overloaded brain in order to perhaps remember to see the film that they represent at some future date on some platform--theatrical, digital, telephonic--or others yet to be invented. But trailers are most likely a better use of your time than the old-fashioned two-hour three-act white elephant known as a movie. Trailers are fun, short, not too demanding on the viewer and sometimes funny/sweet/scary in ways that fulfill what we used to expect from a two-hour experience. So I guess the trailer reviewer is here to stay. Why not? Move over, forgotten Kael-ites and decrepit Sarris-era auterists. You are so past your expiration date.

Which is by way of saying that Interview Magazine does a trailer "face-off" every Thursday and yesterday "Rob The Mob's" excellent trailer (I had nothing to do with the trailer so I can say that) went "up against" John Turturro's movie, the very amusing looking "Fading Gigolo", co-starring Woody Allen. And guess what? We "won". Don't ask what we won or how or even why. But the critic-- the euphonically named Kenzi Abou-Sabe--decided that our trailer indicated that ours was the "one to watch." I appreciate it, Kenzi. I also appreciate your positive words about Nina Arianda's future (she certainly will have a major one), the good vibes you got from the two lead performances and your hope that I will "break-out" as a director as a result of RTM, though at this point in my film life break down feels more like where I'm headed. By the way, most of the plot points he gleaned from the trailer are incorrect--but what the hell...it's a trailer! How can you really tell what a movie is like from a trailer? Think of how many times you've felt like suing the studio for false advertising after watching the lousy movie they made out of that really good trailer that you liked.

By the way, the Turturro trailer looks damn good. Watch his, then watch ours and then do whatever you wish.

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