Apropos of my Saturday post re: the peculiarly wonderful Youtube genre of old movie clips of actors dancing to incongruous and anachronistic pop hits, here are two more that rate higher to me than most. First, courtesy of a reader, is a James Cagney vid, set to--ready?--"Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham, an early 80's chart topper written by George Michael. That's followed by the first of these oddities that truly got me...Laurel and Hardy dancing to Santana. Viz:

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  1. Wow some great talent there, I remember what a treat it was for me to be in my small way part of James
    Cagney's " Rag Time film just to know that he was
    in that film made me feel like a big shot for a moment. That was his last film. What a talented fellow. Wish that i could see the original uncut footage of that film Sometimes I think I would rather
    see that footage than that of a finished film.

  2. If you have time folks go to IMDB and read
    James Cagney's Biography interesting I pretty much
    myself feel how he did to a degree.
    A short guy that was a big guy.