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Anyone living in New York can attest to the unique and eccentric experience of riding the subway.  It is more than a necessity, it is part of the culture, it is what New York is about.

Aside from trying not to encounter a psychopath who suddenly feels like pushing someone onto the tracks, or hoping your morning won't be ruined by a bitter couple arguing too close to your personal space, or even aside from praying your subway will run on time on the day of your job interview; many of our most memorable experiences come from our daily commute in the MTA subway transit.

Those of us who ride the subway trains daily have gathered thousands of anecdotes surrounding the NY subway; from encountering 75-year old twins with mirroring fake lashes and platform shoes, to witnessing a magnificent violin solo performed by the most unlikely young fellow, or feeling like an intruder to a personal couple’s conversation.

Well in 1990 the channel Thirteen had a special segment on a beloved train conductor that really made an impression on subway riders.

Enjoy this clip from subway life in the 90’s.