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Understanding the times in which the film takes place is an essential task to produce a believable and high-quality film.
Focusing in the main year in which the story unravels, 1992, here are some random national and international events that stood out:

Following a police brutality incident, the 1992 Los Angeles riots (also known as the Rodney King Riots) unleash. It was among the largest riots in US history.

Reservoir Dog, Batman Returns & Basic Instinct, are released that year.
Japan apologizes for forcing Korean women into sexual slavery during World War II.

Summer Olympics Games take place in Barcelona, Spain.

George H. W. Bush gets ill & vomits on Japanese prime minister's lap

The Silence of the Lambs, earns an Academy Award for Best Picture.

Former Panamanian ruler Manuel Noriega is sentenced to 40 years in prison for drug and racketeering violations.
Bulgaria recognizes Macedonia.
Anita Hall swims female world record 200meters freestyle (2:25.35)
Hurricane Andrew hits south Florida and dissipates over the Tennessee valley when it merges with a storm system; 23 are killed.
Islamic Jihad truck bombs Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires killing 29.
Voting takes place on choice of Elvis postage stamps.
Great Chicago Flood - Chicago's underground tunnels flood
Diplomatic relations are established between the People's Republic of China and South Korea.
NYC police commissioner Brown resigns.
In Beijing, police arrest Shen Tong for his role in organizing the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.
Pope John Paul II issues an apology, and lifts the edict of the Inquisition against Galileo Galilei.
Bill Clinton elected President
The Winter Olympics Games take place in Albertville, France.
Natalie Cole obtains the Grammy for Best Record of the Year for "Unforgettable"

The 90’s were unruly times, times of eruptive creativity and the eagerness to speak up. I guess not too different from any other times… Which makes me wonder, has there really existed “golden years”, or are they just a figment of our hopeful imagination. 
Anyhow, here’s a little compilation I made of certain events from 1992. Enjoy!