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Early 1990s New York.  Hip hop music was a… significant thing that was happening, right?  But early 1990s New York – as a music conscious person with an interest in hip hop but not at all a deep knowledge bass, I think of Wu-Tang’s Enter the Wu-Tang, Nas’ Illmatic, Early Jay-Z.  But that was a little later – Wu-Tang was ’93, Nas was ’94, Jay-Z didn’t release his debut album, Reasonable Doubt, until 1996.

We want this movie to look, feel, and sound like 1991.  So in my effort to paint a picture of the city, and, especially, to start thinking about music that we might want to license for our soundtrack, I decided to research and present a little primer on the musical landscape of the world in which our movie exists.  And remember – this movie takes place in the Bronx and Queens, making hip hop a particularly relevant force in the world of our protagonists Thomas and Rosemary.   

Stay tuned!


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