"You've just had a train wreck, son" intones Jerry Lewis (channeling J.J. Hunsecker?) to a young imitator in a manner so chilling, so deadly, so filled with a cobra's poisonous bile (if cobra's have bile) that I'm not sure the young man has yet to recover. Certainly I haven't. And I'm only watching the video.

This lovely video--homemade and probably from about ten years ago--shows a teenager named Ed who volunteers to jump on stage with Jerry and do an imitation of him. Jerry is game. The kid clearly has moxie. But his choice of material--the MDA anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone"--doesn't sit well with Buddy Love. I think the crappiest part of this moment is the gratuitous insult after the teen is dismissed from the stage. And if you listen to his imitation (he gets the first three notes out) he's actually really good. At the tag end of this brief moment of shame, I think I hear the kid in the audience throwing out a Jerry scream.

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