The extraordinary Dateline NBC one hour special on Booker Wright and our search for the story of his life took all of us by surprise. It's depth, sincerity and detailed examination of the case were truly impressive. Beyond this, the piece was impeccably crafted--a fine example of modern broadcast journalism at its peak standard. If you missed it click here to go to the MSNBC site where you can find the whole thing in six parts.

Here's a nice article that appeared over the weekend in The Arizona Republic--a publication straight from the hometown of Yvette Johnson, Booker's grandaughter.

Finally, for those of you who've seen either our movie or the Dateline NBC piece, you'll know that Lusco's Restaurant was the establishment where Booker Wright worked when he made his "infamous" speech in my father's documentary. I've eaten there several times while in Greenwood and it's a fabulous place with the best Steaks in the world. Alas, they've taken extreme offence to the movie and its depiction of their restaurant. Good God. I didn't invent the wheel. What happened happened and I reported it. Nonetheless, Lusco's Facebook page has exploded with mostly negative comments about our film. I hope once the initial sensitivity provoked by the digging up of old ghosts dies down, those who were offended will watch our movie again and try to see that we were telling a very large story--the story of the changes in the South in the 1960's--and that Lusco's played an important (and by no means negative) part in that history.

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