NBC Archives has made available "Mississippi: A Self Portrait", the complete, original one-hour documentary that my father made which in turn inspired us to make the "follow-up" documentary "Booker's Place: A Mississippi Story". Click here to legally view the entire 1965 film. 

We're hoping to be able to include the original doc as an extra on the DVD of "Booker's Place", along with "The Streets Of Greenwood", a fine short film made in the early '60's which we were privileged to be allowed to cull invaluable footage from, showing Greenwood Ms. in the height (or depths) of the Civil Rights era.

Meanwhile, "Booker's Place" is playing this weekend at the Little Rock Film Festival where it's competing for the "Best Southern Documentary" prize. More fests to follow, I'm sure. And our Dateline NBC segment is being moved around the calendar but will soon land, I imagine, on the appropriate date. "Booker's Place", by the way, is being brilliantly advertised by Tribeca Films on the On Demand service and is available all over the place. Go to I-Tunes, for instance. Or for that matter go to Amazon. 

Now dig the excellent "Democracy Now" segment that Yvette Johnson and I did last month about our film.

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