"Booker's Place" preemed (as they say in Variety-speak) yesterday afternoon at Tribeca and I couldn't have been happier with the reception. A ninety-minute black and white documentary about racism in the south isn't exactly a cinematic anti-depressant but the audience was rapt throughout and responded emotionally at the end.

Saturday the New York Times ran a thoughtful and well crafted article on the film and the story behind the film. Click here to read it.

Marcos Bernal Salas's fine review for Examiner.com appears here.

Ronnie Scheib's Variety review is well worth reading. If it wasn't, would I have linked to it?

You can here the audio of our interview on Leonard Lopate's radio show by clicking here.

Here are some Zimbio photos of our red-carpet moment at yesterday's premiere. The lovely woman with me is, of course, Yvette Johnson--Booker Wright's granddaughter and the films "star" (and she IS a star). The guy in the Tom Wolfe suit is my producer, partner and friend David Zellerford.

Yesterday, a piece I wrote for the Huffington Post the implications and connections that the tragedy of Trayvon Martin has on my film (and vice versa I suppose) was...er, posted. Click here for HuffPo magic.

And finally, dig the below. You do so many of these sit-downs on a given day that you can't quite remember when it happened. But given that I'm wearing my favorite blue striped shirt and that I inadvertantly left in LA (I'm in New York now for the festival and press) it has to have been two weeks or so ago in LA. She was a very nice interviewer. And my shirt is custom-made.

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