Better late than never. Here, in honor of our veterans, is a one-hour 1964 NBC news documentary called "The Battle Of the Bulge". It was directed by my father, Frank De Felitta, himself a veteran of the Second World War and the film remains a stirring and dynamic tribute and explanation of this significant turning point in the bloodiest war the world has ever known. As it was made for the twentieth anniversary of the battle, the film contains priceless footage of many of the significant participants in the war, including interviews with General's Omar Bradley and Anthony McAuliffe--the latter was the general who famously replied "Nuts" when told by the Germans that he had no honorable choice but to surrender to them. (Read this tale of the war here).

My father was in the Air Force and was a "troop carrier"--flying planes that dropped parachuting fighters into the battle zones. Indeed, he dropped soliders during this battle. In 1996, at the Deauville Film Festival, I had the opportunity to mention this fact to the mostly French audience. (I was with Peter Gallagher whose father had also fought at Bastogne--he mentioned it too). The next morning both of us received a number of notes under our hotel room doors. They were thank you's that people wished to convey to our fathers from members of the audience who were children at the time and remembered the relief and excitement when the Americans came to liberate their town.

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