Thursday, June 9, 2011


Herewith the second half hour or so of "Emergency Ward", a 1962 Dupont Show Of the Week. Dig the final shot of the film. Dig the crazy doctor/nurse cocktail party. Dig Dr. Mulnar saving a life. I know the networks are currently all competing to reproduce the success of "Mad Men" with 60's era shows--"Pan Am" and "Playboy Club" are the ones that got picked up. (Neither pilot is very good, by the way--"Pan Am" is beautifully shot but the characters uninteresting and "Playboy" just plain crappy). Why not do an "E.R." in period? This film could serve as a template for such a show. Unfortunately the above mentioned shows will almost certainly fail leaving the networks with zero interest whatsoever in ever doing a period show again.

Until somebody else does and it's a success...

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gaston said...


I used your name and some stuff from your blog in mine today. You could see this here :

I hope you'd not be upset.

by the way I sent you a request to be "friend" on your facebook page.

best regards

Raymond De Felitta said...

No problem at all--I'm having sombody translate
your page for me so I can read your very interesting
looking artiicle.


JL said...

Hi Raymond, this ER documentary is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Just fascinating in so many ways. Kudos to your father. Thanks so much for sharing.

I found this blog some months ago after seeing City Island in the theater, and I loved that flick by the way. Kudos to you as well.