Though it's practically unfathomable, it is actually the case that the dial telephone (which many of you reading this may not be
old enough to have ever used) actually once required instructions on how to use it. You know--the phone you pick up and stick your fingers in the little holes that correspond with the number you want...

...even as I write this, I can feel how it ages me. Touch tone phones replaced the dial in my parents house in the late seventies. Still, the dial phone was a fact of phone-life for fifty or so years and at one time it was considered new-fangled enough to require an instructional film to be made about its use. Well, think about it. Your first experience with a computer wasn't exactly the smoothest moment of your life now, was it? And quite a few people I've met (almost all fifty or older) ask a lot of frankly silly questions about how to use their i-phones. Any strange new concept (like a dial telephone apparently once was) requires a few user tips. Now we get them on line. In the late twenties, the on-line equivalent was a short instructional film shown in theaters.

And here's that film, from 1927!

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  2. What a great video. I'm 29 and have used a rotary phone for 8 years (still no cell-phone). There's just something about that clicking dial. My 16 year old cousin gave me a blank stare when I mentioned "rotary phone" to him recently, and I definitely felt old. These youngsters are missing out.

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