Congratulations to my friend and partner Andy Garcia for the first of his nominations for his work on "City Island". He's been nominated for best actor in a comedy by the International Press Academy, for their "Satellite Awards Show". The winners will be announced on December 19th. The fact that I've never heard of this particular awards show bothers me not a whit; I have heard of (and have been nominated for and attended) the Independent Spirit Awards and I was relieved to hear that they failed to recognize our movie; the food at the one I went to was lousy and it was held in a cold tent on the beach in Santa Monica.

Here's an incredibly nice appearance Andy did on a local LA talk show earlier this week--the hosts couldn't be more complimentary about our film and Andy is quite suave given that it's 7 something AM in the morning. You may have to search the site a bit for it--don't know if this will take you directly there.

And now, continuing my fascination with "caught" audio of famous people acting poorly, dig the infamous Buddy Rich bus
rant. Remember that he's yelling at an entire big band, all of whom are trapped on the bus, and one of whom is surreptitiously recording their dreadful employers harangue.

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