Splendid news: AARP has selected "CIty Island" as Best Comedy of the Year for their "Top Ten Movies For Adults" awards. Apparently there's an actual ceremony attached to this honor, this February at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Thanks, AARP. And screw the Independent Spirit Awards.

And we're on a number of year-end ten best lists. Click here for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

And here for the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

And now for something completely different. I'm taking a vacation from this blog. Not retiring it. But not planning on posting anything in the immediate future. The reason is simple: I have a shitload of new writing projects to attend to in the new year and simply don't have the time to continue my increasingly infrequent posting. Even though it takes me no more than an hour per post and I seem to be posting at the shameful rate of once every two weeks, there's the "I have homework" factor. In other words, a lot of the time I spend not writing the blog is spent instead feeling guilty about not writing the blog. Since eliminating guilt in my life (or at least vainly attempting to) is a 2011 resolution for me, this particular pattern needs to be broken. And I simply don't know a better way to do so than coming right out and stating that I will not be writing this blog in the near future.

I will, however, be tweeting without mercy. Please follow my always eccentric, if not to say downright discursive and needlessly prolix, taste in all things film/video/music--courtesy of Youtube natch--on my Twitter stream.

I will, however, consider re-starting this blog once my next movie goes into production. That could be as soon as this spring. Or a little while later. The truth is, all director's have the same lurking sense of doom that they carry through their lives: was my latest film in fact my last film??? Until the next one arrives, one is never sure. But assuming one does--and I'm pretty certain it will come to pass--I will be back to blog the making of whatever that movie is. For it seems to have attracted genuine interest from people around the world who are interested in what goes into the process of telling a story on film. So what the hell. Maybe I'll be back.

Meanwhile, Movies TIl Dawn will remain floating around cyberspace--should anybody be reading this entry who has come here for the first time, I urge you go backwards in time to see the evolution of Movies Til Dawn. In fact, I'll offer the following precis of the blog's history.

I began this blog in 2007 as a film history/criticism venture, using clips from the newly innundated-with-old-movie-clips site known as Youtube. (Well and fondly do I remember the moment when I realized that the site that I'd previously thought was primarily a gathering of stupid personal videos in fact was a repository of the cultural heritage of the last hundred or more years--and somehow it was all for free!) Gathered within the early posts are precious morsels of wisdom about filmmaking from yours truly, along with a number of personal stories stemming from my exposure to a number of Old Hollywood greats whom I had the honor of knowing while growing up around the business.

Then in 2008, when my movie "City Island" actually went into production, the blog converted its purpose, becoming a documentation of the making of an independent movie. If you search the archives beginning in mid 2008, you'll literally see the change in my life occur--I no longer had hours to devote to trolling the tube for old footage and writing about forgotten directors. I had a movie to make.

The next evolution is the one that we're currently at the end of. All this year I've been using the blog as a promotional tool for the movie. And its been a damned good one. I've been delighted to make some cyber-friends of people who followed the movies evolution with real enthusiasm and interest. All the clips of the films making, by the way, are still up on youtube. And I have no intent of taking them down.

I don't know how many readers I have left, but I love every one of you and urge you to love me back. Kidding! Enjoy life and, hopefully, enjoy having learned something from this little on-line experiment.


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  1. Happy new 2011!

    I love the fact that I was able to follow you and your creative journey these past few years. Can't wait for the next one. Wish you all the health and happiness in the world...

    Take care
    your Greek fan