Let me go on record right now and say that exhausting as I find the whole concept of "awards season", and hopeless though it is to even think about your own chances of being nominated for any award, I predict "City Island" will get ONE nomination.

I don't know which awards show it will be and I don't know which category. But I hearby go on record. We will receive one major award nomination.

Now this will look pretty silly sitting out their in cyberspace if I'm wrong. But screw it. Isn't the internet all about misinformation? And it's not like I'll be disappointed if I'm incorrect. This isn't me grasping desperately for recognition. This is simply an intuition I have that our movie has one final lap to run in its race through the zeitgeist.

What's making me feel this way? Well for one thing Anchor Bay got our DVD out to voters early--and that's always a good thing as the general feeling is the glut of end-of-the-year awards contenders tends to put voters off due to the pile up of movies to see. And I keep getting incredibly nice e-mails from people I don't know who have just seen the movie on DVD--which means that most of them are voters. Finally, there's this article on Dealine Hollywood by Pete Hammond. He lists all the actors who are contenders and one of them is Andy Garcia for "City Island". He doesn't exactly give us the best odds--I believe the exact words are "longest of long shots"...but so was that horse in the Kentucky Derby last year, right?

Is even saying this putting a jinx on things? The hell with that. I hate superstition. In fact I have a superstition about superstition. If allowed I would always live on the thirteenth floor.

So I'm going on record right here, right now. We're getting one nomination. I don't know who, where or what. But we're getting one.

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