Where do I go when I disappear into these inexplicable fugue states, avoiding the mostly pleasurable pastime of communicating with the dozen or so of you hearty souls who continue to faithfully check into this weblog, still hungry for more relentless self-promotion on my behalf, by me and for me and my movie...Jesus. Enough.

Click here to read a terrific mention by Pete Hammond on Deadline.Com doping out this years possible Oscar noms. "City Island" is mentioned write there behind Roman Polanski's "Ghost Writer" and Marty Whasisname's "Shelter Island" as a possible contender. Pretty damn good given that a year ago we were a festival movie (albeit an Audience Award Winner at a big festival) with barely a distribution deal in place. Whatever happens this awards season, we have had a hell of a good ride with this movie.

And now I must apologize for what I've become. Below I've posted a show called "This Week In Movies" hosted by a very nice woman named Farrel Croth, who invited me on to discuss movies in general--and "City Island" in particular. This is a web-based kind of show and was taped late last Sunday night in a studio in a deserted (at least it felt that way) warehouse in darkest Santa Monica, California. My appearance comes at the end of the show, about fifty minutes in. We had fun doing it, and the off-network feel definately loosened up our rapport (that along with the handful of adult beverages I'd consumed earlier in the evening).

But watching this clip in the cold light of day made me realize, with horror, what kind of person I am. I am the kind of
person who:

1) Lectures people when he disagrees (see my early rant to a show participant on why he MUST learn to like Woody Allen movies...who cares if he does or not? What he likes should properly be his business.)

2) I'm the kind of person who begins far too many sentences with the word "Listen!" As if tp prematurely admonish my audience for perhaps not paying strict enough attention--or worse yet being initially wary of whatever blow-hardish point I'm about to make.

3) I am the kind of person who picks at and rubs his face when thinking of what to say.

I could go on, but why bother when the videvidence is posted on youtube for all to see. Here, for my sins, is my appearance on "This Week In Movies". If anyone is left reading this blog, I imagine this should do me in once and for all...

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  1. Raymond, Raymond, Raymond...

    You're being much too hard on yourself. You're giving an interview. You are the subject of the interview. I think if you dialed it back too much, those of us watching would think you were putting on a phony self-effacement act.

    You're a director. We know that one does not become a professional film director by putting on the old shrinking-violet routine. You have things to say. Interesting things, actually. So of course you're going to begin your sentences with "Listen...". Really, it doesn't come across as if you were issuing commands. The tenor of the interview, your rapport with the woman, even the dark background, comes out more like a college dorm-room bullshit session. And if memory serves, any participant in such a session would often begin a sentence with "Listen..." followed up by passionate discourse on one's favorite pop cultural icon--Woody Allen in your case, Pink Floyd or Fellini for me, in reference to those college days.

    I watched the whole interview, not just because I know you, but because I found it interesting. Even though I knew a lot of the answers in advance, you found a way to sustain my curiousity.

    It also blew me away that you name-checked "Search and Destroy". I was the Lead Man on that movie many many years ago. I thought the only people who had ever seen it were members of the crew.

    Anyway, just wanted you to know that you are not half the blow-hard you imagine yourself to be.

  2. i agree with the first commenter. you're way too hard on yourself. i love you!