City Island Meets...Chris Matthews and Hardball???

So the other night on MSNBC's "Hardball" the always entertaining and frequently apoplectic host Chris Matthews is interviewing a guy named Damian Muziani, who apparently is an actor from South Jersey who is now running for political office. (Don't ask which office, who knows, "what does it matter what you say about people?" as intoned by Marlene in Orson's '58 masterwork..STOP ME...)

Muziani's career switch--actor to politician--seems to remind Chris of a movie he's seen lately...a movie about a "cop" (as he mistakenly puts it) who wants to become an actor...

"Did you see 'City Island'', he asks? After a little plot explaination, Chris stamps us with his approval: "Great movie!". Click here to witness the endorsement (it's in the last few seconds of the segment).

And see below for my absolute favorite Chris Matthews moment--wherein he destroys a lame right wing radio host with the absurd name of Kevin James (maybe he changed it from Jackie Gleason?) for not being able to explain what he means by the term "appeasement". Thanks, Chris.

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