Behold your neighborhood 7-11. Pause in front of this shrine to grease, low-cost hot dogs, crappy bathroom products, poisonous soda's in so-called "big gulp" cups (the better to hasten the poisoning process, my dear), the odd assortment of discount candies and gums, case after case of beers, burritos, motor oils and barbeque supplies (self-lite, natch). And now inhale deeply and recall the fragrant moments of your suburban youth, which without a doubt frequently involved stops at this "convenience" store as well as nighttime parking lot hangouts.

Ask yourself: how many times did you go to the 7-11 stoned and hungry? If you can't remember it's because you were stoned and hungry.

And now behold this DVD pile-up in a Red Box outside of a 7-11 in the Bronx, New York.

For me, the circle of life has been completed. From "7-11's Got Slurpy Rock Cups" (TV ad circa 1977), through "Oh Thank Heaven for 7-11" (as nauseatingly intoned by Vin Scully during coverage of best forgotten LA Dodgers Games to the final insult/compliment (take your pick): all those years of work and now, my film is a product sold at the local 7-11. I am honored/horrified. Thank you/drop dead.

Want more? No? Well who really EVER WANTS MORE OF ANYTHING AT 7-11? Nonetheless:

Oh thank heaven...for 7-11...(photos courtesy of J. Warren, Bronx NY).

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  1. Just think of it this way, Raymond: every time some hungry stoner ambles into a Sev-Elev (as we always used to call them back in college, where we were occasionally stoned and always hungry) and on impulse brings back a copy of City Island because he's already seen Killers and knows it totally sucks, well that's what, three pennies in the college fund for your kid?

    Nothin' wrong with that, no sir.

    It's why it's not called show art, it's called show business.

    Ka-ching. Another Big Gulp, please.

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