"City Island" opens in the United Kingdom on July 26th--or on 26 July as they'd probably put it in "Jolly Olde". Our publicity has been unusually thorough and hopes are high that the film will crossover the Atlanti-- like the proverbial QE2 in the night--exciting English speaking audiences in Europe, albeit English speakers with that charming, funny accent.

Click here to read another "Guardian" piece on the movie--this one an interview with Andy Garcia. The English press is notoriously tough and there are moments in this piece that I'm not at all sure are fair to my friend and collaborator--he makes much of Andy's comment that being a producer on the movie means that he gets paid last. And so what? He's right. I can attest to that, being a producer on the movie and still waiting for half my salary. In general, with this piece, I feel the need of the interviewer to stir Andy up, to arouse some controversy which may or may not be present. Nonetheless, Andy handles himself with aplomb and one way or another I have to respect the position the author of the article is in; as a dramatist I know that it's impossible to write without conflict inherent in a situation. How can journalists churn out these actor-puff-pieces with stars who lead uncontroversial lives? Indeed, there are a few charmingly desperate moments in which the interviewer tries to insinuate that there is something controversial about Andy leading an uncontroversial life...

Below is a clip from Renny Harlin's as yet unreleased (unfinished?) film in which my friend and collaborator plays the President Of Georgia (Russia, that is).--and a very good job he makes of it (as they would say in "Merrie Olde...") God love you, AG. I hope the payday for the below made up for the shortfall of making "City Island". )

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