We passed the million dollar mark at the beginning of the weekend and appear to be doing extremely well in both old (continuing) markets and new markets. Next week, 4/30, "City Island" expands exponentially to a few hundred theaters and if things hold up--people keep going in old markets and word of mouth travels in new markets--we will have a certifiable "sleeper hit" on our hands.

Or, perhaps it'll be "hello HBO" time...either way, the movie's being talked about and much of it comes as a result of you good readers of this blog and your efforts to get the word out. Keep coming back. It works if you occasionally work it...

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  1. Saw City Island twice this weekend in St. Louis at Plaza Frontenac. LOVED IT! I've waited a long time to see it and I was not disappointed. The cast was incredible...Andy...Steven...Julianna...and the rest. Everyone was just terrific. Just left me with a very good feeling leaving the theater.

    I went by myself on Friday afternoon and with my sister and a good friend on Saturday. There was a good crowd on Friday at 1:15 but it was PACKED on Saturday at 4:00pm. Lots of laughter from the audience and clapping at the end as well. I had asked my sis and friend to see it and they agreed because we switch off who picks the movies, but they both told me after that they really liked it AND would be willing to see it again in the theater. My friend told me that it was the best movie she'd seen in years and wanted to make sure it was coming out on DVD too because she'd buy it. So the three of us gave it big thumbs up!

  2. Maybebabey--

    Twice? That deserves a serious thank you--so glad you liked it enough to go back and that the audience reaction was so strong. Dig the LA Times piece I just posted--the movie seems to be gaining audience momentum and that's thanks to people such as yourself and your friend.