CITY ISLAND: X-8 (or is it 7?)

Our premiere night was a smash--wonderful crowd, big laughs, awfully pleasant party at Le Rouge Tomate ("The Red Tomato"? Seriously?) I sat in front of Hugh Jackman who very helpfully laughed at the jokes just a beat before everyone else did--thereby encouraging everyone to show that they were as hip as he was. A very nice chap indeed--he and his wife seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

And then I slept late the next day and traveled to Miami for the film fest (I'm writing this from a hotel on the beach). Our red carpet screening is happening tonight, then back to LA. Hence my day off from blogging yesterday. And what the hell of it?

Click here for a bunch of pictures of our New York premiere. As we get closer to our opening, which is next Friday March 19th in New York and Los Angeles, I will once again bug the crap out of you dear readers to turn your friends on to our movie...or this blog...or the various City Island contests that seem to be abounding in the universe. Like this one in Chicago, for instance.

We need your help and your friends help. Movies ain't what they used to be. Asses need to be in seats on opening weekend in every market we open in and I'll be updating you on what cities we'll be rolling out into over the next week or two. Once the press insanity is over (tomorrow--temporarily) I'll get back to the history of the production process--we still have seventeen shooting days or so left to cover, after all.

A few nights ago in New York, Andy Garcia did a "Learning Access" interview evening with Peter Travers, the Rolling Stone film critic. Some very helpful audience member taped it and has gifted it to us, via youtube. Thank you, Neal B., wherever you are. Here it is below in two segments.

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