CITY ISLAND: X-19 (or is it 18?)

Good morning. Our movie, "City Island', opens in 19 days--on March 19th (so does that make it 18?). Well, what-evah. After eight years of planning, two years of making, a year and half of incessant blogging, this puppy hits theaters in LA and NY on the 19th and in ten other cities the weekend after. (Psst--if you want to know what cities and theaters, go back a couple of posts and check it out. I'll repost all that info as the time gets closer).

How are things going, you ask? Well, dig the above shot of our slightly oversized banner which is hanging on the side of the Westside Pavillion in West Los Angeles--which is where the movie will be playing. The banner is apparently visible from outer space and I, for one, will not feel that our distribution company missed the boat by not loudly proclaiming our presence more effectively. Furthermore, dig the trailer on the sidebar--very well done and, I'm hearing that its being shown in a lot of theaters in front of a lot of comedies and other semi-appropriate fare. Finally, the TV spots have been cut--thirty second and fifteen second versions--and, for what they are, they seem pretty pungent as well. (Fifteen seconds is an awfully short time to explain anything about an ninety minute film but I suppose its really a reinforcement tool--getting something into peoples heads that is hopefully already there).

And Salon.com essay number three, by moi, posted this morning. Which doesn't exactly make me Montaigne or even Malcolm Gladwell, but does put me and our movie into some farily tony company. Check out the other articles once you're there--quite a bit of interesting filmy stuff to kill some of your work day with.

But remember (he reiterates): "City Island" is your movie. For us to have any "legs", we need seats filled in our theaters. And this requires people hearing about the movie. So if you're enjoying this up close and personal journey on the making of the movie, please share this blog with a friend or two. And send them the movies website and/or Facebook page as well (all links can be found on the right column).

And now for Production day seven. There is little for me to say about this shoot day since I remember virtually nothing. In other words it was a successful and uneventful day of exterior City Island shooting. I can tell you, however, that:

Day seven's call sheet looked like this...(hint: click to enlarge)

Day seven's set looked like this:..(um: click to enlarge!)

And sometime around day seven, a news crew came and did a local story on our shooting a movie on the island. Here's the finished piece, taped off of somebody's television:

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