Here's a nifty story on celebrity "spawn"--kids of famous actors who are becoming or have become well known in their own right. And guess who leads the pack? Yep--our lovely Dominik Garcia-Lorido. This piece comes complete with trailer--a very nice way to spread the word as we move into the crucial final weeks of promotion before the movie opens on 3/19.

Speaking of crucial...have you considered e-mailing this blog to a dear friend or sworn enemy today? Every little bit helps.

I've been doing screening q&a's every night this week--Monday night the movie was screened for the Producers Guild at IFC in downtown Manhattan, last night for a class from the School of Visual Arts. Tonight I head out to Westchester to speak to a group that's headed by Marshall Fine, a very good film historian who wrote a terrific book on Sam Peckinpah called "Bloody Sam".

Last nights discussion was moderated by Ralph Applebaum, with whom I share an interesting personal connection. Ralph was mentored early in his career in film by the great director Robert Wise ("West Side Story", "I Want To Live") and spent some time working with him on the set of "Audrey Rose" in 1977...which happened to have been written by my father (it was based on his novel of the same name).

robertwiseNow, through having made this film, my family became close with Bob Wise (pictured above directing Natalie Wood) and he became something of a mentor to me as well. More than something. A wonderful man to learn filmmaking from--and to learn an attitude of how to approach the difficult business of filmmaking in a sane and refreshingly enthusiastic way. Anyway, Ralph and I had a drink afterward and spoke of Bob (who passed away a few years ago) with real affection. We talked about his films as well and I said that my favorite set-piece from any of his films was the "America" number from "West Side Story".

When I got home, guess what was on TV? Of course: "West Side Story". I won't make too much of this conincidence...oh, hell, why shouldn't I? What are the chances of these things happening? Hi Bob. Thanks for checking in from wherever you are.

Day Nine of our shoot was an eleven am call and contained two scenes that were shot but cut from the finished film--both short and not worth worrying much about...but you can imagine how frustrating it is to work on a tight schedule and be convinced that everything you're shooting is an absolute necessity, only to discover how much time you've wasted on stuff you don't need once you cut the film. In this case, we eliminated a scene of Julianna watching Steven Strait from the upstairs window of the house (Sc.109 shot during daylight)...and Ezra and Steven bumping into each other in the hallway and uncomfortably getting out of each others way (Sc. 79, shot in the evening).

Since we're once again clip-free from these scenes, I thought we might instead watch "America" from "West Side Story". Click below and settle in for a few minutes that will knock you on your ass--high octane musical filmmaking of the highest order. Cheers to you, Bob...you were much on our minds last night.

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