CITY ISLAND: X-12 (or is it 11?) (Warning: Graphic Content Below)

Every good makeout includes a fondled breast.

Say what?

I said, click on the above call sheet and tell me why the above stated sentiment is being used to describe Scene 132? Obviously the AD team was having a bit of fun (or alcohol) when they wrote the short description of the scene for our call sheet.

Day twelve of our shoot took place in one of the worlds biggest parking lots, in Orchard Beach--adjacent to City Island. In this scene, Julianna Margulies straight up seduces the younger by a decade plus Steven Strait. I won't give you any more information about this scene, other than the fact that it was as uncomfortable to film as any of these sex/love things ever are...and at one point I became rather fascinated watching the two of them make out and kind of sort of forgot to call cut for awhile. When I finally did, Julianna gave me a look and said: "Jesus Raymond!"

The only other thing I remember in detail about that shoot day is that it was on August 4th, and my son was on the set where he celebrated his fourth birthday. Last year, on his fifth birthday, I said to him: "wow, last year you had your birthday on a movie set". He replied, "Yeah, that wasn't a very good one." Hmm.

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday) Andy Garcia will be on the Today Show. Tune in and turn on. Below is an outtake from the above referenced scene. Can't really tell what makes Julianna crack up at the end of the take, but what a lovely sight it is...

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