CITY ISLAND: X-11(or is it 10?) (Warning: Innocent Content Abounds)

Good late morning. Rumor hath it that Julianna Margulies will be on David Letterman tonight (Tuesday) discussing, among other things, "City Island". Check local listings, as they say. Whatever local listings are.

This afternoon (Tuesday) rumor hath it that Andy Garica, Julianna Margulies and I will be doing a q&a for the National Board of Review. Since this is a closed screening, I don't know why I mention it. Perhaps to serve as a reminder to myself to show up.

And dig my fourth Salon column which posted a bit late--due to Oscar coverage, natch.

Day thirteen of our shoot was a predominantly exterior one, with a little bit of work done inside the IGA supermarket. And much of the daylight exterior work involved the wonderful Emily Mortimer. Here we are--Andy, Emily and a few dozen camera guys with rigs all set to do some driving scenes, sans process trailer. Dig and don't forget to click to enlarge:

Later that day, we shot my favorite scene in the finished movie--a walk and talk confessional between Andy and Emily on a Pier at the City Island yacht club. Viz:

I mentioned the supermarket work with which we began the day. It was always an eye-opening pleasure to begin the day with Ezra Miller--to say nothing of Carrie Baker Reynolds, his BBW muse. Here's an almost completely worthless clip of Ezra and Carrie singing it out on that memorable morning...

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