A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to conduct a four hour, career-spanning, interview with the great filmmaker James Ivory ("Howards End", "Remains of the Day", "A Room With a View" etc.) This was done under the auspices of the Special Projects committee of the Directors Guild of America--the Guild asks directors to interview on videotape other directors to capture an "oral history" of the filmmakers career. Anyway, at the end of the interview I asked Mr. Ivory what the best part of filmmaking is and what the worst part of filmmaking is. The best part, he said, was the shooting. "That's when I'm really living". The worst part? "The days just before your movie opens and you don't know if you have a hit or a flop."


"City Island" opens tomorrow, March 19th, in LA and New York. What can I say but..PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO GO SEE IT.

Click here to listen to a very nice radio interview that Andy Garcia and I did with Pat Morrison. It aired two days ago but improves with age.

And click here to dig Julianna Margulies personal message on her Facebook page telling her fans how much she likes the movie. What a honey. Love the way she (correctly) pronounces my name.

Have i ever bothered to thank you, my dear loyal "City Island Hounds" for following this madness over the past year and a half? Well, thanks a billion. For real. I'm delighted those of you who've been hanging about found the making of the film interesting enough to follow and promise (threaten?) to do the whole thing again with my next movie.

And now the time is here...and so I face the final curtain... (say it, Frankie...)

Cross your fingers...

Think good thoughts...

Better yet see the movie. If you're not in LA or NY, hang on: we'll be in other cities soon. Take it, AG...

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  1. Ray - did you see the Rave Reviews in the NY Post and NY Daily News today? Great write ups! Post have 3 1/2 stars and Daily News 3 stars.

    When will it open in more places around NY?

  2. Critic prufrockn wrote:
    61% similar to you Emily Mortimer, what are you doing in this movie?! And in such a throwaway role too, tsk tsk. I didn't feel much empathy or compassion for the characters because they weren't well developed-- there wasn't time to, what with the 20+ storylines and all. A couple parts were laugh-out-loud funny but I couldn't tell if it was because the scenes were GENUINELY funny or if we the audience were just throwing them a bone. This movie wasn't terrible but its pacing was uneven, the script was underdeveloped, and the characters were two-dimensional.

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