Friday morning (barely) and weekend number two awaits us. "City Island" is still exclusively at the Landmark Theater in LA--it will expand to other theaters in Encino and Pasadena next week. In New York we are still downtown at the Angelika and have added a screen in midtown--the Empire 42nd Street, one of the cities biggest movie palaces, you should pardon the expression.

And we've hit four new cities as of today. The movie opens, today, in Philadelphia, Dallas, Miami and Toronto. Next week we hit Boston, Chicago and Minneapolis. But as of today:

Check out our excellent Philadelphia Inquirer review.

And dig the Miami Heralds heaps o' praise.

The Dallas Morning News review aint exactly hay. Whatever that means...

And our northern neighbors at the Toronto Sun seem pleasantly pleased with our movie.

Have I eliminated the negative reviews, you ask? Of course I have. It's my damn blog! But the above press is indicative of our
general reactions...

And for those of you in LA, Andy Garcia and I will be doing another personal appearence at the Landmark tomorrow night (Saturday) following the 7: 30 show.

Thanks for all the support--please tell your loved ones and your not so loved ones to check us out.

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