I'm happy to report that, while it's early in the game, big time raves are (mostly) coming in for "City Island", enough to fill our ads and posters for the weeks to come. And these are only in New York and LA.

Check out the New York Posts 3 1/2 (out of 4) star review.

And the New York Daily News gives us a major thumbs up.

Here's Marshall Fine's super piece from the Huffington Post.

So as to be completely objective, I'll include the not very positive (or even coherent) review from the fast-fading New York TImes. The once-influential "grey lady" now farms out reviews of limited releases (like ours) to people from other papers, in other states--in this case somebody who seems to have been in a bit of a mood...

And Peter Travers, long one of my favorite film writers, gave us a glowing write-up in Rolling Stone. I'm deeply moved by the closing lines of his review. Unfortunately it has yet to post on-line...perhaps later today? Keep checking--well worth reading.

More to come. I'm heading over to the Landmark (I"m in LA) in the early afternoon to check on the b.o. take...won't somebody do the same at the Angelika in New York? (Lauren?)

Cheers and whatnot. The journey continues apace!

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