A massive case of blog-avoidance coupled with mucho work on behalf of the movie has led me to these neglectful waters from which I drinketh reluctantly.

Can you say the above in pig latin?

"City Island's" second weekend was as strong as its first, with a more than healthy per screen average of just under seven grand per screen according to BoxOfficeMojo. We are now opening in quite a few more markets and are, I hope, poised for a real word of mouth explosion. I'm curious to hear from anyone who sees the film in non-metropolitan centers as to how it plays for so-called "general" audiences. The thing about the film that we're hoping gets across is that, while it is very New York and ethnic in some ways, the story really could happen anywhere and thus the humor is not relegated to strictly urban communities.

Click here for a complete listing of where we're opening over the next few weeks. And New Yorkers--dig that we've added one of my favorite of all Manhattan theaters--the Loews 72nd Street (at Third Avenue). I have so many memories of seeing movies there since I was a kid and to have my movie there is a distinct honor. Hope some of you will attend and keep it there for awhile.

And read this truly heartfelt and very sincere tribute to the film from a fellow blogger and screenwriter who goes by the name of Saffron and who I had the pleasure of meeting at one of our LA q&a's just last weekend. It more than makes up for the unfortunate dismissals by the so-called "highbrows" such as David "amiable but no 'Moonstruck'" Denby and A.O. (they call him Tony!) Scott. I and City Island appreciate your warm words, Saffron. All the better in that they come from a real person and not somebody who gets paid to render an opinion...

But, kind followers, we still need your help! All of these new cities require enthusiastic opening crowds. And what better way to spend a weekend--assuming you're in one of our new markets--than by having your very own "City Island Party"? This fast-growing trend among the smart-indie-cine crowd (all right, I just thought of it) involves bringing a large group of your friends to see the movie...as well as bags of fried Shrimp (a City Island specialty) and large shakers of a Bronx Cocktail (gin, lemon juice, and whatever else strikes your fancy). Multiple tweetings from the screening alerting others of the presence of a "City Island Party" are a must. You must be thirteen or older to participate.

Starting tomorrow I will get back to the production diary of the movie--how the hell long, after all, can I keep up this relentless good cheer and self-promotion? Meanwhile, dig the legendary "Movie Irv" Slifkin's review of "City Island". What? You've never heard of "Movie Irv?" You been living underneath a rock for the past twenty years?

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