What better excuse to have dropped the proverbial ball and failed to post for the past few days then having a movie about to open?

"City Island" opens this Friday in LA (at the Landmark, Westside Pavillion) and in New York (at the Angelika). But you probably already knew that.

You probably also already know that "City Island" has become a grass roots indie fave, a movie that audiences feel belongs to them--a perfectly appropriate reaction given that the films success began with it winning the Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival. And so, ever since, I have been hectoring--rather, urging--the followers of this blog to spread the word and help get people in the theaters on opening weekend.

The weekend after next, we open in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, Toronto, Miami, Philadelphia and San Francisco. If folks in these areas fill the theaters in those cities (and it's only opening on one screen in each city) the movie will continue to expand outwards, into suburban shopping centers, outlying areas and the like. This will happen because the people who have followed and supported the movie all along are simply overwhelming the movie with good vibes. And the reviews we're getting--not to mention the barrage of press focusing mostly on Andy Garcia and Julianna Margulies--ain't exactly hurting.

Click here to read Marshall Fine's superb review in the Huffington Post.

Dig the MSN movies featured clip by clicking here.

My fifth Salon.com column appeared yesterday. Click here to groove, baby.

And I'm always posting pix of the actors at the big events, so today I thought I'd post a pic of some behind the scenes folks.Click here to see me with my fab producer Lauren Versel and the heads of our distribution company, Anchor Bay: Gordon Prend and Bill Clark.

Below is Julianna Margulies appearence on Ellen De Generis, which aired like an hour ago and of course is already all youtubed up. Her lovely "City Island" plug happens four minutes and forty seconds in. Enjoy. And one of these days soon--after I've slept a bit more than I have in the past five days--I really will continue with the production history of the movie. Oh, and tomorrow I'll tell you about the DVD extras segment that I taped yesterday with the cast--a bunch of us sitting around eating pasta and drinking wine (a la Rizzo family) at ten in the morning.

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  1. i can't wait forit to open everywhere so i can finally see it.

    i was watching st. elmo's fire the other night and andy garcia was talking about city island in the commercial breaks. i cant wait.

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  3. Glad everything is coming together for City Island - you really deserve it :).

    Looking forward to hearind more about those dvd extras!

    ps - Lá fhéile Pádraig sona duit xx