Click here to go to Andy Garcia's Facebook page and see a video message that he left for his fans/friends/followers talking about "City Island".

And click here to go to the Experience Project and their wildly successful "City Island" promotional kind of thing. It's all about sharing your darkest secrets and if I'm not mistaken, the tote board at the top of the page says that four million plus stories have been received thus far. Four million? Could this possibly be correct?

And now for some more promotion--our movie's star is being worked seriously hard by the ravenously hungry publicity machine and is nothing but a super-pro about. Why, over the next forty-eight hours you can see him at...

TUNE IN TODAY, Wednesday, March 17th

WHAT: Andy Garcia appears on tonight’s THE TAVIS SMILEY SHOW.

WHEN: 11:00PM (PST) / 1:00AM (EST)

WHERE: KCET(LA) / WNET(NY) – Check local listings

TUNE IN TOMORROW! Thursday, March 18th

WHAT: Andy Garcia interviewed by Sandy Kenyon on tomorrow’s WABC NEWS.

WHEN: 6:00 AM (EST)

WHERE: WABC (NY) - Check local listings

WHAT: Andy Garcia/City Island segment with Toni Senecal on tomorrow’s WPIX NEWS.

WHEN: 7:00 AM (EST)

WHERE: WABC (NY) - Check local listings

WHAT: Andy Garcia in-studio interview on tomorrow’s PIOLIN POR LA MANANA.

WHEN: 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM (EST)

WHERE: KSCA La Nueva 101.9FM (LA)

And now, apropos of absolutely nothing to do with "City Island", Andy Garcia or myself, here he is--the one..the only...

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Raymond,
    It is really wonderful to watch Andy's video in facebook. I think it is the first time that he ever talked to his fans in the internet.
    It is great to find out that he has a facebook page. There are so many facebook pages under his name and you don't know which is from him. Please talk to Andy and we like this video very much indeed!!!
    Wow, you guys must be exhaused these days for all those promotional appearances. I listened to the Patt Morrision radio show with you and Andy. It was great!