Dig! Want to see 28 production stills of our movie? Click here to go to the IMDB photo page. This posted just this morning and represents the largest bunch of aggregated stills yet available from the movie. Superb placement we got too--we're second under the NAACP awards gallery. Many thanks to Phil "God of Stills" Caruso--for shooting all of these masterworks and for e-mailing this morning to tell me that imdb had put them up.

Day eight of the City Island shoot was a split--our call as you can see from the above click-to-enlarge call sheet was noon, making midnight the end of our twelve hour day, with lunch called at the convivial hour of six pm. This allowed the schedule to gradually work itself later and later until, at the end of the week, our call would be six PM for an all nighter ending at dawn. I'll get to what happened on that fateful night by the end of this week.

The scenes we shot on day eight mostly involved Steven Strait and Julianna Margulies. Strangely, though, I don't find any available outtakes from these scenes in the youtube grab bin. So instead, I'm posting an "interview" with me--conducted on set--where I blather about Ezra Miller (the young son in the movie) and why I think he's going to be the next Robert Downey, Jr. Enjoy the clip...and the stills!

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