Item: Click here tomorrow (THURSDAY) to see the on-line debut of our trailer on yahoo movies. This is a terrific platform for our launch (or is it a launch for our platform?) and I'd love to hear what you think of the trailer--I myself like it a lot.

Item: The movie opened (or is about to open momentarily) in France and got an excellent review in Le Figaro. Click here to read it. If you don't speak or read French (like me) then all I can tell you is that they give the movie three out of four stars and say Andy Garcia is excellent.

Item: The on-line writing of "Making City Island" will continue with gusto tomorrow, Thursday. I thought I'd give us all a mid-week break so you can catch up with previous chapters (I assume you have no other life than following my book...) and so I could...regroup. A chapter a day? Madness. Not even Louis L'Amour could keep up that pace.

Enjoy the trailer tomorrow. Meanwhile, for comparisons sake, below is the official Spanish trailer of the movie, complete with absurdly dubbed voices...

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