Greetings all and welcome to a new decade. Let me first apologize for the paucity of posts over the past week and a half. And then tell you what a relief it was to be able to focus on something else--in this case, watching a load of movies currently in release sent to me via the Academy. Liked "Crazy Heart" with Jeff Bridges and the Coen Brothers movie, "A Serious Man", a lot. Also enjoyed a strange film with Joaquin Phoenix and Gwenyth Paltrow called "Two Lovers" which I managed to not even hear of when it went into general release earlier this year--was this the film that Phoenix was supposed to be promoting during his now infamous David Letterman appearance? If so, my heart goes out to the films writer/director, the humorlessly named but quite talented James Grey.

And now back to myself. Beginning this coming Monday morning, January 4, I will commence the writing of my book, "Making 'City Island'" on this blog. (Drab title, I know, but can you do better? If so, give me some ideas.) The book will be a work in progress on this blog every day (except weekends I'm guessing) leading up to the films release on March 19. Tell your friends. And enemies. And your parents!

Remember, "City Island" is your movie--the people need to rise up for this one to have a chance in this Avatar-ish media society we now inhabit. I'm hoping we can spread a little so-called grassroots good-will here and rouse some interest in our precious movie. Obama-ish of me? Overly optimistic? Call me what you will--I'm determined to kick this one out of the stands (block that mixed-metaphor) and the daily on-line writing of the book about the making of the film will, I hope, be of some help. I'll post clips, stills and other ephemera, as well as doing a day-by-day account of the shoot--27 shooting days relived in twenty-seven blog entries.

Item: The trailer will be posted momentarily.

Item: So will the poster.

Item: The movie's new website got a nice makeover. Go to the right side of this blog and click on the various related sites to check them out.

Item: follow me and soon some of the cast members on Twitter!

See you Monday morning, bright and early, for Chapter one, part one. Now, ring in the new year with a little Fats Waller, from the 1943 Fox musical "Stormy Weather". Dig...

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