From our day at the strip club, Staten Island, New York, courtesy of the ever effervescent Phil Caruso, God of Stills. The authoritative looking tall guy, pointing and giving direction, is our excellent cinematographer Vanja Cernjul. The guy to the left who appears to be asleep on his feet is me. Click to enlarge, dude.

Here's a clip of an on-set view of a scene being shot outside said strip club. Steven Strait and Dominik Garcia-Lorido are the actors. Enjoy!

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  1. A friend of mine who saw the movie told me this was one of her favorite scenes so it's nice to see it being worked on. I like how he tries to hide the license plate. Funny :)

  2. Just found this interview of Andy in Deauville.
    Deauville interview

    Do you have any news on the private screening of City Island on last Wednesday 3 Dec, Raymond?

  3. Great clip! Even though we can't really hear what they are saying, it seems like the scene will be really interesting. Times slowly dwindling down until I can tell for myself!

  4. It is very true some scenes read much much better without words that is why the DP is so important in film making. The DP can make or
    break a film a lot of times....Like
    myself I have a script that is so so but with the right DP I think it
    can be an okay film of sorts.

  5. Hi, Raymond, I'm so glad, finally, City Island (Confusões em Familia) will be realized here, on 11 december!!! wow!!! I am very anxious to see this movie, I really has waiting for it since it was finished. After I find where theater it will realize I (of course) will watch it a lot of times, and then I will post some comments abaout it. congratulations for all actors, director, producer and everyone who worked in it. bye from Brazil.

  6. Hi everyone:) is me again:
    I am so glad because I could see some of my videos posted on those videos, about Andy Garcia, wow...I'm getting knowledge.

  7. I like the new look Raymond! Looks sharp. I also really enjoyed the clip.

  8. More video clips from Deauville:
    Lunch at Cartier Villa

    Report on Deauville Film Festival
    Andy appears in this video at 1.47, 15 and 17.25 mins

    I like the new look too.


  9. Hi Raymond, it's nice the new look, congrats. from Brazil

  10. Fatha Land, I can see Humphrey Bogart
    walking in and saying set um up Joe the only thing missing was you in a suit and a scotch glass on the piano and of course the sexy
    long stemmed lady. (must have ice in the glass)

  11. Just finished reading the eleventh
    Anonymous letter.Yes, Yes you
    make allot of sense except for
    that part about ^%*(_+<./?? I
    can tell that you are a true film
    buff What other films have you
    seen lately? I suggest Gone with
    The Wind...starring Charles Heston
    and Nancy Reagon and there Dog

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