Greetings all. Click on the above to enlarge a view of our crew on the street in front of the house across the street from the Rizzo house. How would you like to have this madness going on in front of your house at night? The owners of this place were terribly nice and came out and watched us shoot exterior night scenes, inviting friends of there's over and serving cocktails.

Christmas madness has descended so this will be brief.

Item: Dig the below clip--Andy Garcia being pushed through the streets of Tribeca in the old Ford Galaxy that is Vince Rizzo's
much loved old car in "City Island". Don't know why but I thought this clip was appropriate given the lumpy, clumsy and oafish season that is upon us. All I can say about getting through the holidays is: shlep, shlep and more shlep.

Item: The Twitter streams have been full of nice words to say about "City Island", most of it stemming from our screenings over the past couple of weeks. If any of the movies new fans find their way here, I hearby welcome them and urge them to stick around. Because...

Item: I will definately be writing the book about the making of "City Island" on this blog beginning in early January, 2010. This on-line extravaganza, replete with witty anecdotes and angry e-mails, will occur in real time (whatever that means) and will culminate with the story of the films release...on the eve of the actual release date--March 19, 2010. After that, there will either be good reason to keep blogging away (like good reviews to pass on, good box office numbers to report) or...well, let's not worry about the alternative. What the hell good ever came from worrying?

Item: Click here to read the best xmas gift I've gotten this year--the only one, in fact.The Self Styled Siren, one of the blogospheres best cinema historians, was asked by a magazine to choose her favorite "off the beaten track" Christmas movie (in other words, NOT "It's a Wonderful Life"). And guess whose movie she picked? Mine! My 2000 movie "Two Family House", while not strictly a Christmas story, jumped over the worthy heads of many many other films to land in that singular place of honor. I thank you, Siren. And "Two Family House" thanks you as well.

Item: Have you noticed on the updated blog page that you can click to purchase some of my films? Say, for instance, that the previous paragraph whetted your appetite to see "Two Family House". Just go to the right column for info on the film and hit "click to purchase". Go on. Do it. Now. I'm waiting. Tis the season to spend, after all.

And now, hit that clip, Jack...

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  1. uh Ray, uh, if you, uh, get some money for two family house, uh, i mean, shouldn't i get a piece?

  2. congratulations on your movie being chosen! as soon as i get my money for this month, i'm gonna buy it.

  3. I see that the official site has had an overhaul. Very cool! It just makes makes my anticipation even greater! I must be talking about the movie non-stop because a good friend just asked me tonight when "my" movie is coming out since she's already agreed that we'll see it as soon as it's out here. Can't wait!!!

  4. Ho!Ho!Ho! Merry Christmas and a
    Happy New Year....See this Snow
    proves that there is a Santa Claus..

  5. So happy to read all these great things about "City Island" and "Two Family House"!

    Happy holidays Raymond! I wish for you health and happiness!

    Greetings from Greece

  6. It agree, your idea is brilliant

  7. Brim over I to but I dream the brief should have more info then it has.

  8. Dear Raymond -

    My name is Paul Birchard - I'm the only actor ever to have left Hollywood, based himself in Glasgow (!) and lived to tell about it!
    Just wanted to say I treated myself to a DVD called 'TIS AUTUMN this Christmas (I've sung that song for years, after I heard Bob Dorough's version, and I thought to myself: "Anybody who sang " 'Tis Autumn" can't be all bad!" - How right I was!
    I love this movie, I loved how you brought yourself into it, and its warm, full-hearted humanity and true Hip-titude! THANK YOU.
    I have also made a documentary - U & ME & TENNESSEE - an American romance... ("A gay art house movie for the whole family!") http://www.u-me-tennessee.co.uk/ and http://www.youmetennessee.blogspot.com/ - It's essentially a conversation between me and the only man in Scotland who used to know Tennessee Williams, and who has a stack of letters from Tenn that no one has seen before...
    A N Y W A Y - Just wanted to wish you much love & luck - Hope sales go superbly, and Thank you for 'TIS AUTUMN - THE SEARCH FOR JACKIE PARIS ! (p.s. - I just finished a run of INHERIT THE WIND at the Old Vic Theatre in London, with Kevin Spacey, directed by Trevor Nunn...) Ciao for Niao! - Paul B.

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