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Dig the heavitude of the circle of life-a-tude: I'm currently in New York "shadowing" on an episode of Julianna Margulies hit show "The Good Wife". This means that I'm observing the production in hopes of getting an episode of my own to direct. Yesterday was the first day of prep so I went out to Greenpoint, Brooklyn and met the very nice folks who work on the show. (The director--Nelson McCormick--is especially gracious and welcoming).

The first days work consisted of a location scout for a prison. So guess where I wound up visiting one year and five months after I'd previously been there? The Nassau County Correctional Facility, where we shot the prison scenes for "City Island". I was bemused by the inescapability of our paths and how they double and re-double upon themselves. Still, I saw no real reason to say anything or make a fuss. And then we got out of the van and were greeted by the guy who runs the joint (or one of them) Sgt. DiStefano. And he recognized me! It was like old home week. He and his guys all asked about "City Island", when its coming out, what a nice crew we were to have working in the jail, how much they liked Andy Garcia, etc.

So I take it that my visits to Nassau County Correctional are now a yearly thing for me. As long as I'm not there against my own wishes...

Here's a clip of Andy playing correctional officer Vince Rizzo, shot at Nassau County.

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